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Written By Wolfgang Geiger

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ICP stands for Internet Content Provider and an ICP license is a number every website hosted or run from within Mainland China needs to have in order to be allowed to operate.

This license is not needed if your server is outside of Mainland China (e.g. US, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.). If done right, users in Mainland China should still be able to access your website, but loading speeds might be a bit reduced.

Should you get an ICP?

If you don’t have a physical presence in Mainland China, the answer in most cases is no. Your company needs to have a subsidiary in Mainland China to be able to apply for an ICP license, without that it won’t work.

Why get an ICP?

An ICP license allows you to run a website from within Mainland China. Whenever you want to use a server, CDN or nameserver that is run from within Mainland China, you’ll have to have your own ICP number (one per domain/website), otherwise the hosting provider has to take the website down.

Having a server in Mainland China will result in considerably quicker loading times for customers accessing from China. However, with the right setup, websites from outside the Mainland can also load with decent speed.

What to do then?

If you can’t get an ICP license, follow the best practice I describe in my articles. If you need help with optimizing your website for Mainland China, get in touch.

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