Most of the knowledge I have about optimizing websites for Mainland China is available for free in the blog articles and tutorial section. However, if you want to save your developer or yourself time and want to make sure everything is covered (even edge cases), then the service below might be for you.

The service I offer is separated into 3 phases:

Evaluating your website

After you get in touch with me, I will have a look at your website (for free) to see if there is anything I can help with. If your website is already fully optimized for Mainland China, I’ll let you know and there’s nothing else to do.

Website audit

If there are things I can help with, then we would proceed to phase two, which is an audit of your website and will result in a PDF with actionable steps to make your website fully optimized.

The cost for this audit is currently USD 795. To purchase this audit, please get in touch.

Implement changes

After the audit is completed, you can either take the PDF and hand it off to your own developer to implement or, if your website is running on WordPress and you don’t have a developer, I can help with this.

Pricing for this phase depends on the amount of work that has to be done, we can discuss that once the audit has been done.